Welcome To Appvizo

AppVizo, LLC is an employee-owned technology company with a team comprised of the “special forces” of software development. Our core team has a combined 50+ years of programming, software design, user interface design, and web development experience in a wide range of industries. As a team, AppVizo has developed a range of web-based software solutions with a special focus on the financial and healthcare industries.

If you want a great product you need a great team. Our team has demonstrated for years that we can deliver successful, innovative software solutions that makes our customer's lives easier and keep businesses in compliance.

Meet Our Core Team

Thane Plummer Ph.D./ President

Thane's main role is to ensure the first rule of business (“stay in business”). Thane creates software solutions that address client needs, and directs the technical vision of the company, striving to stay on the forefront of an ever - changing technology landscape.

Thane is a technology polyglot, fluent in 7 computer languages, numerous frameworks and operating systems, and is as comfortable writing in assembler as in Python. He has a wealth of experience in disparate fields (a neuroscientist with a Ph.D. in Neurobiology, hedge fund manager, ski instructor, SEC/FINRA licensed in securities operations (#3, #4, #7, #24, #63), mentor to CS students, director of development for engineering firm).

Chris Campbell/ Vice President

Chris has 15+ years of experience in designing and developing software with the user experience in mind. He has been consulting with businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 50 companies to small start-ups. His career has focused on interface design and development, front-end to back-end integration and developing web-interfaces that provide exceptional user experiences. While Chris is a technical expert in front-end technologies (web-frameworks, JQuery, HTML), he feels his greatest asset is his ability to distill complex problems into simple solutions that address critical client/customer needs.

Elizabeth Campbell / Operations Manager

Elizabeth has been in the software industry since graduating from Mercer University School of Engineering where she started her career as a technical writer. She worked for several companies that offered software solutions to various industries including oil/gas, computer automation, and web-based productivity tools. As an independent contractor for almost 20 years, she was exposed to a spectrum of industries, filling several roles including web designer, business analyst, QA tester, trainer, and project manager. An opportunity to join talented individuals with the common goal of making good software is what finally made Elizabeth “retire” from consulting.

Eli Holt / Lead Systems Developer

Eli is a developer, systems designer, implementation architect, and database administrator. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Augusta State University and, as a graduate student with the University of Georgia’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Since entering the workforce full time, he has accrued over 6 years of development experience in the banking, compliance, and research industries. His main role is the planning, deployment, and configuration of Enterprise solutions on a client-by-client basis, and maintaining Enterprise client relationships by providing ongoing support and consultation services for deployed systems.